Training programs


    Recommandations in products, materials, equipments and service prestations for research and teaching
  • Animal Bioware by Digital Paradigms
    The Animal Bioware™ Software Suite is a complete set of modular software tools that allow you to control & manage of all aspects of your animal care program.
  • ARMIS Limited
    Biological Services Management Software, our products support researchers, technologists, unit and enterprise management. Stock, Breeding, Financials, Automation. UK Home Office and EU Compliant
  • ATRACS Limited
    ATRACS is a stand-alone product to manage Training & Competency, ideal for the new A(SP)A requirements. ATRACS can also fully integrate with its sister product, ARMIS, which manages animal facilities
  • Brain and Software International
    BSI has over 30 years of experience developing high quality software, satisfying more than 500 clients worldwide. enos is our management software for your lab animal and preclinical research facility.
  • Charles River Laboratories Italia, SRL
  • Charles River UK, Ltd.
  • Fondazione Guido Bernardini
  • Galilei Software GmbH
    Process Automation in Animal Rooms CageTalkers(R): Electronic Labels which identify, display, signal and can be traced. CageTalkers-Driver integrates CageTalkers into any 3rd party AMS.
  • Key Solutions, Inc.
  • Laboratory Animal Training Association
  • Mayakind
    Kind Maya ® - Manage Your Pet - is a full web management application for pet companies, laboratories and research centers, to optimize their administration and management.
  • NorayBio Software
    NorayBio makes easier the management of all the data generated in animal research helping to comply with local legislations. Check what AniBio can do for you.
  • NTM Consulting Services, Inc.
    NTM develops and supports innovative research management software solutions. Our software, eSirius, is a suite of integrated applications which manage Research Compliance and Animal Facility workflow.
  • Omikron Systems
    Omikron Systems is the innovation leader in animal facility management software with the product LAVAN. LAVAN improves the efficient management of facilities and animal welfare alike.
  • Responsible Research in Practice Ltd
    We work with the bioscience sector to provide expert advice & tailored training in: good research practices; research ethics & integrity; controversial topics; identifying & avoiding common pitfalls.
  • SoBran, Inc.
  • Studylog Systems, Inc.
  • Synectic Resources, Inc.
    The Industry’s leading developer of New Media for Marketing, Advertising, On-Line Training, Websites, e-Brochures, Exhibits, Video Production. Product & Facility Development Consulting for 35 years
  • Tecniplast, SPA
    Tecniplast is the world leading company in the Lab Animal Industry in designing, manufacturing and distributing patented equipment for laboratory animals.
  • TOPAZ Technologies
    TOPAZ Technologies, LLC provides animal and clinical research software solutions for the medical research industry.TOPAZ is an established leader in software for complex regulatory environments.