Piglets, miniature


  • Aachener mini pigs
    Breeder of aachener mini pigs
  • CARFIL QUALITY - your total supplier for all laboratory needs
    Diets, bedding , enrichment, spf nzw rabbits, aachener mini pigs, used equipment, detergents, anaesthesia, identification, disinfection H2O2, transport gels. Big equipment on request.
  • CRABCC Animal Lab
    The CRABCC Animal Lab is a pre-clinical research center, Experimental Surgical Services (ESS) is dedicated to advancing medical technology through translational research.
  • DaVinci Biomedical Research Products, Inc.
  • Ellegaard Göttingen Minipigs, A/S
  • Exemplar Genetics
    Exemplar Genetics creates MiniSwine models of human diseases. Research models include cystic fibriosis, cardiovascular, cardiac arrythmia, cancer, muscular dystrophy and ataxia.
  • G.I. Acres
  • Large Animal Systems
    World class provider of large animal anesthesia intubation and induction solutions featuring mouth speculums, lighted laryngoscopes, and bite blocks.
  • Lone Star Laboratory Swine
  • Marshall BioResources
    Our mission is to be the premier source of purpose bred animals and related services for the development of human and animal pharmaceuticals and other therapies.
  • May Family Enterprises, Inc.
    USDA llicensed provider of all species of livestock.
  • MOFA Global
    MOFA Global is a leading provider of assisted reproduction technologies providing media for AI, embryo transfer and IVF, diagnostic and processing equipment, specialized procedural tools and more.
    Founded in 1994, NPIMR is today one of the UK’s leading charity-based independent Medical Research Institutes working to translate ground-breaking pre-clinical Medical Research rapidly into patient ca
  • Patricell Ltd
    Direct provider of biotech supplies to research laboratories in the UK & Europe. The product ranges are GMP compliant, pharmaceutical and diagnostic grade, available to both bulk and custom order.
  • S & S Farms
  • Sierra For Medical Science, Inc.
  • Sinclair Bio Resources LLC
  • SOMNI Scientific
    SOMNI Scientific is centered on the animal welfare and research community with a focus on clinical accuracy, clinician/technician safety, economic performance and intuitive functionality.
  • Valley Brook Farm