Other services


  • a-tune software
    a-tune software is supporting research driven organizations from the biomedical sector with their data management needs by providing technology, products and consultancy services. tick@lab is a-tune’s
  • Active Life Scientific, Inc.
    Translational Research Tools for the Life Sciences
  • Advanced Anaesthesia Specialists
  • Agenda Life Sciences
    Established in 1996, Agenda Life Sciences specialises in life science recruitment, contract staffing, scientific recruitment, research facility management, consultancy and training services.
  • Agenda Marketing and Communication
    Specialising in the Life Science Sector, we offer marketing services, campaigns, print, design and much more. We are the name behind Lab Animal (Europe & Asia Pacific), International Buyers' Guide.
  • Agenda Screening Services
    Agenda provides fast and effective global, background screening services & training. With industry leading turnaround times and personal account managers. Do you REALLY KNOW who you are hiring?
    Recommandations in products, materials, equipments and service prestations for research and teaching
  • Americans for Medical Progress
    AMP provides guidance to institutions facing animal rights challenges. We also prepare the next generation of research advocates through training materials and our Outreach Fellowships.
  • Andwin Scientific Corporation
    Andwin is an ISO9001 and ISO13485 certified mfg for medical and research labs ranging from lab and chemical supplies to customized kits pkg. We also print requisition forms with integrated labels.
  • Animal Care Systems Inc.
    Animal Care Systems, in partnership with ARES Distribution, specializes in providing the highest quality laboratory and vivarium equipment and housing for all your research applications.
  • Animal Identification & Marking Systems (AIMS), Inc.
  • ARMIS Limited
    Biological Services Management Software, our products support researchers, technologists, unit and enterprise management. Stock, Breeding, Financials, Automation. UK Home Office and EU Compliant
  • Aston Pharma
  • Biosafe Life Sciences
    Biosafe Life Sciences 'Biosafe', is the world's most trusted engineering manufacturer of Effluent Decontamination Systems (EDS) and Tissue Digesters.
  • Buckshire Corp.
  • Castium Limited
    Castium were established in 2008, providing specialist decontamination services within, Life Sciences, Pharmaceutical production, Food production, cleanroom technologies and academia.
  • CCTech Ltd
    Design & environmental services, specialist provider in containment (inspection, lab staff training, planned preventative maintenance, repair & emergency fumigation response) and low carbon projects.
  • Charles River Laboratories
  • Charles River Laboratories Italia, SRL
  • Chiron Bioscience, Ltd.
  • CILcare
    CILcare is a R&D services company specialized in hearing disorders. CILcare supports biotechs, medtechs and pharmas in their preclinical and clinical development in hearing loss and tinnitus.
  • CIMTechniques, Inc.
    CIMTechniques is a technological partner and manufacturer of software and hardware for continuous monitoring of environmental data points such as temperature, humidity and differential pressure.
  • ClorDiSys Solutions, Inc.
    Provider of decontamination equipment and services.
  • Creative Biolabs
    Creative Biolabs is the leading custom service provider that has extensive experience in various antibody production and engineering fields. https://www.creative-biolabs.com/
  • Crowthorne Hi-Tec Services Ltd
    Commissioning, servicing and validation for a wide range of clean-air and controlled environment equipment, including cabinets, cages, isolators, change stations, and cleanrooms.
    With totally more than 25 years of experience, CS CLEAN SYSTEMS is your reliable partner for exhaust gas abatement, specialized in chemisorbing of formaldehyde down to a level of 0.1 ppm.
  • Cyagen Biosciences
    Cyagen Biosciences specializes in custom transgenic rodent models and molecular biology services. We also manufacture stem cells and culture reagents.
  • Double K Industries
  • Doxx bv (PRIS)
    PRIS gebruikers in Nederland en België vormen een groeiende community. Daarbij delen we met elkaar veel kennis en ervaring om proefdieronderzoek zo optimaal mogelijk te ondersteunen.
  • Dry Fork Rabbitry
    We provide rabbit's for purchase for reach, along with whole rabbit.
  • Dycem Limited
    High Performance Contamination Control Floor Coverings and Mats that prevent dust, dirt and microbes.
    Lab Animal Health Screening and Biological Sample Testing. Fast and reliable FELASA compliant and bespoke screens. Microbiome analysis and gene analysis also available.
  • Ellegaard Göttingen Minipigs, A/S
  • Emka Technologies, Inc.
  • Euroferret
  • European Animal Research Association
    The European Animal Research Association provides communications and advocacy to promote a supportive climate for and improve public understanding of the use of animals in biomedical research.
  • Eurosequence, BV
  • Exemplar Genetics
    Exemplar Genetics creates MiniSwine models of human diseases. Research models include cystic fibriosis, cardiovascular, cardiac arrythmia, cancer, muscular dystrophy and ataxia.
  • Fondazione Guido Bernardini
  • genOway
    Our activities focus on mouse, rat and cell line genetical modifications by combining technologies routinely used in genome engineering with a range of innovative technological solutions.
  • GPJ Consulting Engineers, Ltd.
  • IDEXX BioResearch
    From Quarantine testing to Animal Health Monitoring, from Rodents to Zebrafish, you can count on the IDEXX BioResearch team to help you detect infectious agents and reduce risk in your facility.
  • IDEXX BioResearch
    IDEXX BioResearch offers analyzers and analytical testing for laboratory animals, including health monitoring, genetic and preclinical research services as well as biological materials testing.
  • inGenious Targeting Laboratory
    iTL is a contract service provider that specializes in the custom engineering of mouse models. iTL has a 15 year track record of delivering affordable, guaranteed, and validated mouse models.
  • IntelliBio
  • InVivos Pte Ltd
    InVivos supports the growth of the Biomedical Sciences Industry in Singapore and regions neighbouring, offering the most popular research rodent strains with uniformly high health and genetic quality.
  • Iotron Industries USA
    Iotron Industries provides electron beam sterilization, bio-reduction and materials modification services for the laboratory, orthopaedic, medical device, plastics, and agribusiness industries.
  • iVention BV
    iVention provides animal science laboratories with a full featured data management platform for study design, animal procurement, facility management, regulatory compliance, reporting and much more.
  • J Rettenmaier & Soehne GmbH + Co. KG
    Lab animal diets, custom diets, bedding, enrichment and hygiene products.
  • K.O.B. Associates, Inc.
  • KF Technology srl
  • LBS (Serving Biotechnology) Ltd
    We are a leading supplier to the biotechnology industry offering a progressive range of world-class, tried & tested products, ranging from diet, bedding, enrichment enrichment products & consumables.
  • Marshfield Labs
    Marshfield Labs is a trusted resource for both clinical and histology testing services. Our focus is quality, service and expertise. Contact us for all of your laboratory testing needs.
  • New England Ovis
    New England Ovis SPF sheep and lambs are specific pathogen free of over 30 pathogens. They have no respiratory pathogens, no helminths (worms), no zoonotic pathogens and no Q fever.
  • Noldus Information Technology, BV
    Noldus Information Technology develops, markets, and supports innovative software, instruments, integrated systems, and services for behavioral research.
  • Noldus Information Technology, Inc.
    Noldus Information Technology develops, markets, and supports innovative software, instruments, integrated systems, and services for behavioral research.
  • NorayBio Software
    NorayBio makes easier the management of all the data generated in animal research helping to comply with local legislations. Check what AniBio can do for you.
  • Omikron Systems
    Omikron Systems is the innovation leader in animal facility management software with the product LAVAN. LAVAN improves the efficient management of facilities and animal welfare alike.
  • Park Bioservices, LLC
    Park Bioservices LLC, designs, builds and markets isolators and bedding disposal equipment worldwide. We offer replacement components for all brands of isolators. All aspects of isolation technology.
  • Precision Plastics, Inc.
  • Progressive Recovery, Inc.
    PRI Bio - World Leader in Bio-Waste Management Solutions, provides equipment and technology for the decontamination of biological waste streams from research laboratories and bio-pharma facilities.
  • ProSci, Inc.
  • Responsible Research in Practice Ltd
    We work with the bioscience sector to provide expert advice & tailored training in: good research practices; research ethics & integrity; controversial topics; identifying & avoiding common pitfalls.
  • RISystem AG
    N°1 Worldwide provider of implant systems and technology for research. Consulting and development services of customised research implant systems.
  • RWTH International Academy GmbH
    Provider of RWTH Aachen University's executive M.Sc.in Laboratory Animal Science to industry and research professionals in line with EU directive 2010/63.
  • SAFE Complete Care Competence
    Lab animal diets, custom diets, bedding, enrichment and hygiene products.
  • SCIREQ Scientific Respiratory Equipment, Inc.
    SCIREQ Scientific Respiratory Equipment Inc. specializes in the design, manufacture, distribution and support of integrated solutions for preclinical pulmonary research.
    Serlab UK supplies Bedding and Enrichment products . All our products are available in standard or irradiated packaging.
  • Sigma Advanced Genetic Engineering (SAGE) Labs
  • Sixlog Corporation
    SixLog provides on-site biological decontamination services utilizing proprietary iHP® (ionized Hydrogen Peroxide) technology to decontaminate labs and equipment nationwide.
  • SMC-Roe
    Roe Bio-Medical joined Schlyer Machine (SMC) in 2012 with the continuing goal of providing “Everything for the Vivarium Washroom.”
  • SoBran, Inc.
  • SOMNI Scientific
    SOMNI Scientific is centered on the animal welfare and research community with a focus on clinical accuracy, clinician/technician safety, economic performance and intuitive functionality.
  • Surrey Diagnostics Limited
    Surrey Diagnostics: Est in 1996 we have a wealth of experience in lab animal science, serology, microbiology, PCR, parasitology and pathology as well as environmental solutions..
  • Synectic Resources, Inc.
    The Industry’s leading developer of New Media for Marketing, Advertising, On-Line Training, Websites, e-Brochures, Exhibits, Video Production. Product & Facility Development Consulting for 35 years
  • Tecniplast, SPA
    Tecniplast is the world leading company in the Lab Animal Industry in designing, manufacturing and distributing patented equipment for laboratory animals.
  • The ElmCos Group Ltd
    Owner Advocates providing facility design, rehab & construction, operational & financial improvements, lean/continuous improvement coaching, regulatory reviews, capital equipment aquisition & analysis
  • The Learning Curve
    High quality training and CPD for animal technologists, scientists, support staff and veterinary staff. Face-to-face training at central locations or own facilities, supported by e-learning
  • The Mannheimer Foundation, Inc.
    Source of Cynomolgus macaques, Rhesus macaques and Hamadryas baboons.Research support activitiesEducation opportunities for vet students and post-grads
  • The National Center for the Replacement, Refinement and Reduction of Animals in Research
    The NC3Rs is the UK's national organisation which leads the discovery and application of new technologies and approaches to replace, reduce and refine the use of animals for scientific purposes
  • TOMI Environmental Solutions, Inc.
    SteraMist™ utilizes TOMI’s patented Binary Ionization Technology™ (BIT®) to provide fast acting biological deactivation of problem microorganisms in a wide variety of settings.
  • Valley Brook Farm
    VIEWPOINT is the pioneer in behavior analysis automation, based on videotracking. We offer continuous development to adapt to customer’s requests and custom-made for special applications.
  • VM3 Purefier, Pty. Ltd.
  • World Courier
  • ZeClinics
    ZeClinics is a biotech company offering zebrafish services for drug discovery, pre-clinical safety and efficacy screenings of novel compounds. We operate within Pharma, Biotech, Chemical and Cosmetics