Other process equipment


  • Able Scientific
  • Animal Care Systems Inc.
    Animal Care Systems, in partnership with ARES Distribution, specializes in providing the highest quality laboratory and vivarium equipment and housing for all your research applications.
  • Avidity Science
  • Avidity Science, LLC
    Avidity Science offers a comprehensive range of products including Edstrom automated animal watering, water purification and treatment, and Watchdog EX environmental control and monitoring.
  • Avidity Science Europe
    Specialising in automatic watering systems, air flow cabinets, autoclaves and equipment for the transgenic areas such as incubators and LN2. Experienced project/service engineers.
  • Hydropac / Lab Products, Inc.
    Offering the worlds most advanced lab animal watering solution for mice, rats, hamsters, guinea pigs. Provide sterile water in use with 5 adult mice for 2 weeks, for about 3.5¢ a day, w/o autoclaving.
  • Plexx, BV
  • Rees Scientific Corp.
  • Sychem, Ltd.
  • Systems Engineering
    Our Animal Watering Turnkey systems include water treatment, RO filtration, UV purification, Continuous Flow ReCIRC Room Distribution Systems, Rack Manifolds and drinking valves.
  • Uno Roestvaststaal, BV