Other cleaning equipment


  • Advanced Vapor Technologies LLC
    Distribution of NON-TOXIC Sanitation/Disinfection - Steam Vapor Systems for the Western Hemisphere. Short Dwell time (seconds), no SDS (MSDS), no residues, rapid drying, EPA regulated.
  • Barré s.a.
    Anesthesia devices for small animals (patented)Customized solutions for pharmaceutical R&D laboratories Clean piping for Bio/Pharma Production Units
  • Best Sanitizers, Inc.
    Best Sanitizers provides the highest quality products and support available. Our line of sanitizing soaps, hand sanitizers, and surface sanitizers are manufactured to the highest QA and QC standards.
  • CARFIL QUALITY - your total supplier for all laboratory needs
    Diets, bedding , enrichment, spf nzw rabbits, aachener mini pigs, used equipment, detergents, anaesthesia, identification, disinfection H2O2, transport gels. Big equipment on request.
  • Contec, Inc.
    Protect your research and investment with Contec, Inc.’s mops, wipes and disinfectants. Our products are ideal for cleaning in both small and large lab animal facilities.
  • Dustcontrol, AB
  • Dycem Limited
    Dycem is a contamination control flooring manufacturer, scientifically proven to reduce foot and wheel-borne contamination by up to 99.9% and air-borne contamination by up to 75%
  • Dycem Limited
    High Performance Contamination Control Floor Coverings and Mats that prevent dust, dirt and microbes.
  • Electro-Steam Generator Corp.
  • K.O.B. Associates, Inc.
  • Kuhl Corp.
  • Life science equipment
    We buy and sell new, second hand and refurbished equipment for the life science equipment. Mainly equipment that is can be used in Europe regarding the European regulation.
  • Med-Vet International
  • Medline Scientific
    Medline Scientific are a leading Global supplier of laboratory and scientific equipment. We provide a vast range of laboratory equipment and solutions including many of our own brand products.
  • Perfex Corp.
  • PM Sewing
    PM Sewing manufactures custom covers for carts and other laboratory equipment for the Biomedical Research and Laboratory Animal fields.
  • PRC Impianti SNC
  • Quip Laboratories, Inc.
  • Rochester Midland Corp.
  • Sanitation Strategies, LLC
    Sanitation Strategies delivers sanitation programs to the life science industry through a unique service platform.
  • Sixlog Corporation
    SixLog provides on-site biological decontamination services utilizing proprietary iHP® (ionized Hydrogen Peroxide) technology to decontaminate labs and equipment nationwide.
  • Steelco-USA. Inc
    Steelco manufactures washers, disinfectors and automated systems for animal cages, feeding bottles and fish tanks. Steelco washers for lifescience application are at the forefront of the technology.
  • Strahman Valves, Inc.
  • Sychem, Ltd.
  • TheBuyersCove, Inc.
  • TOMI Environmental Solutions, Inc.
    SteraMist™ utilizes TOMI’s patented Binary Ionization Technology™ (BIT®) to provide fast acting biological deactivation of problem microorganisms in a wide variety of settings.
  • Vapor Clean, Inc.
  • Vet-Tech Solutions, Ltd.
  • Wesco Supply Co.
    ZOONLAB was formed by the merger of BIOSCAPE/ EBECO. We offer animal-friendly and hygienic solutions ranging from cages for small animals to complete animal enclosure systems, we provide full service.