Other automatic dispensing equipment


  • Allentown, LLC
    Allentown is a leading global provider in Life Science solutions. For over 50 years we’ve been proud to play our part in heroic biomedical research that saves lives.
  • Animal Care Systems Inc.
    Animal Care Systems, in partnership with ARES Distribution, specializes in providing the highest quality laboratory and vivarium equipment and housing for all your research applications.
  • CARFIL QUALITY - your total supplier for all laboratory needs
    Diets, bedding , enrichment, spf nzw rabbits, aachener mini pigs, used equipment, detergents, anaesthesia, identification, disinfection H2O2, transport gels. Big equipment on request.
  • Getinge USA, Inc.
  • Girton Manufacturing Co., Inc.
  • Hydropac / Lab Products, Inc.
    Offering the worlds most advanced lab animal watering solution for mice, rats, hamsters, guinea pigs. Provide sterile water in use with 5 adult mice for 2 weeks, for about 3.5¢ a day, w/o autoclaving.
  • IntelliBio
  • Lithgow Laboratory Services
  • PVS Process Equipment
    PVS Process Equipment is an industry leader in the design, development, manufacture and service of custom bedding unloading, conveying, filling, dispensing, and vacuum disposal systems.
  • Steelco-USA. Inc
    Steelco manufactures washers, disinfectors and automated systems for animal cages, feeding bottles and fish tanks. Steelco washers for lifescience application are at the forefront of the technology.
  • Sychem, Ltd.
  • TBJ, Inc.
  • TSE Systems GmbH
    TSE Systems has over 130 years of expertise in developing and manufacturing sophisticated life science research equipment in the fields of Metabolism, Behavior, Physiology, Inhalation and Telemetry.