Microbiologic incubators


  • Acinterlab
    Laboratory Equipment and Supplies’ - Laboratory Animal Equipment
  • Animal Care Systems Inc.
    Animal Care Systems, in partnership with ARES Distribution, specializes in providing the highest quality laboratory and vivarium equipment and housing for all your research applications.
  • Bio-Pek International, LLC
    International supplier of Lab Animal caging, IVC's, cage and racks washers, autoclaves, and bedding dispensing and disposal systems
    Premier supplier of BSL 3/4 steam sterilizers, laboratory ovens and incubators, clean steam generators and water purification equipment.
  • Globe Scientific
  • Inel-Medicinska Tehnika
  • Inotech Bioscience LLC
    Inotech Bioscience distributes a line of products for cell, immuno- and molecular biology research. Glass Bead Sterilizers, Cell Harvesters, and Battery operated lab equipment.
  • Lab Supplies Outlet
    At Lab Supplies Outlet Our main goal is to provide state-of-the-art and innovative laboratory products from the most recognized manufacturers at competitive pricing,
  • LEEC Limited
  • Medline Scientific
    Medline Scientific are a leading Global supplier of laboratory and scientific equipment. We provide a vast range of laboratory equipment and solutions including many of our own brand products.
  • MOFA Global
    MOFA Global is a leading provider of assisted reproduction technologies providing media for AI, embryo transfer and IVF, diagnostic and processing equipment, specialized procedural tools and more.
  • Nikon Instruments, Inc.
  • NuAire, Inc.
    For over 45 years, NuAire has been committed to bringing you the highest-quality, most dependable laboratory products on the market so you can concentrate on what matters, your work.
  • React Scientific
    Manufacturer of hatches, decontamination chambers, pass boxes, gas-tight bioseal doors, air showers, laminar flows, clean rooms.
  • Terra Universal
  • TW Medical Veterinary Supply
    UVP develops and manufacturers in vivo imaging systems for macro to micro detection of fluorescent marks in small animals. For pre-clinical cancer research applications.