• Beijing Prima Resources (Puliyuan), Ltd.
  • Biolytix, AG
  • Charles River Laboratories
  • Charles River Laboratories Italia, SRL
  • Charles River UK, Ltd.
  • ComPath
    ComPath performs Health Monitoring and Disease Surveillance Programmes for laboratory animal research facilities. Our services include Serology, PCR, Bacteriology, Parasitology & Pathology.
  • Cyagen Biosciences
    Cyagen Biosciences specializes in custom transgenic rodent models and molecular biology services. We also manufacture stem cells and culture reagents.
  • DaVinci Biomedical Research Products, Inc.
    Lab Animal Health Screening and Biological Sample Testing. Fast and reliable FELASA compliant and bespoke screens. Microbiome analysis and gene analysis also available.
  • Envigo
    Envigo provides the broadest range of research models, diets, and related services to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, government, academia, and other life science organizations.
  • GenoTyping Center of America
    The GenoTyping Center of America (GTCA) provides the highest quality genotyping services to the research community. We genotype your animal models in two business days, guaranteed.
  • genOway
    Our activities focus on mouse, rat and cell line genetical modifications by combining technologies routinely used in genome engineering with a range of innovative technological solutions.
  • IDEXX BioResearch
    IDEXX BioResearch offers analyzers and analytical testing for laboratory animals, including health monitoring, genetic and preclinical research services as well as biological materials testing.
  • IDEXX BioResearch
    From Quarantine testing to Animal Health Monitoring, from Rodents to Zebrafish, you can count on the IDEXX BioResearch team to help you detect infectious agents and reduce risk in your facility.
  • Lampire Biological Laboratories
  • Mutant Mouse Resource & Research Center (MMRRC)
    The MMRRC is a national network that breeds, distributes and cryopreserves genetically engineered mouse strains and ES cell lines for genetics and biomedical research community.
  • Scanelis
  • Taconic Biosciences
    Taconic Biosciences is a provider of genetically engineered rodent models and services. Taconic helps clients acquire, generate, breed, precondition, test, and distribute relevant research models.
  • Transnetyx
    Transnetyx automates genotyping by providing researchers accurate, fast genotyping results. The process gives researchers their most valuable resource - more time with scientifically useful animals.
  • UC Davis Mouse Biology Program
    CRISPR/Cas9, ES cloning, genetic analysis, genotyping microinject, colony mgmt, ART, cryo, behavior, metabolic, path phenotyping/microimaging, arch/distrib ES cells, embryos, sperm & live mice