• Alpha Genesis, Inc.
  • Antibodies Inc
    Antibodies Incorporated has been a supplier of secondary, custom polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies, and immunochemistry products and services for more than forty-two years.
  • BASi
  • BattLab
    Veterinary Reference Laboratory offering a comprehensive range of services supported by a team of boarded Veterinary Clinical Pathologists.
  • Beijing Prima Resources (Puliyuan), Ltd.
  • BIO 2M
    Etablished in France in 1995 BIO 2M is a certified CRO for dog health and biological supply (blood, seurm, plasma...).
  • Bio Breeders, Inc.
  • BIOCON, Inc.
  • Biolytix, AG
  • Bushover's Biologicals
    Primary business is custom polyclonal antibodies in goats and rabbits. Also have primary and secondary antibodies for OEM sales. Visit our website for our antibody list.
  • Caliper Discovery Alliances & Services
  • Charles River Laboratories
  • Charles River Laboratories Italia, SRL
  • Charles River UK, Ltd.
  • CILcare
    CILcare is a R&D services company specialized in hearing disorders. CILcare supports biotechs, medtechs and pharmas in their preclinical and clinical development in hearing loss and tinnitus.
  • Clever Sys., Inc.
  • Covance Research Products
  • Creative Animodel
    Creative Animodel provides preclinical services including PD, PK, toxicology services and the establishment of tumor-bearing animal models, the supply of tumor cell lines and tissues, and so on.
  • DaVinci Biomedical Research Products, Inc.
  • Envigo
    Envigo provides the broadest range of research models, diets, and related services to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, government, academia, and other life science organizations.
  • Euroferret
  • Eurosequence, BV
  • Exemplar Genetics
    Exemplar Genetics creates MiniSwine models of human diseases. Research models include cystic fibriosis, cardiovascular, cardiac arrythmia, cancer, muscular dystrophy and ataxia.
  • Hilltop Lab Animals, Inc
    Hilltop Lab Animals, Inc. produces research animals including rats, mice and guinea pigs. Hilltop also provides surgically modified rats and mice.
  • iBoneLab SL
    Experts in hard tissue and biomaterials evaluation. Preclinical Surgical models, Exact thin section and paraffin histology, microtomography and analysis
  • Indoor Biotechnologies Ltd
    INDOOR BIOTECHNOLOGIES Ltd specializes in allergy. World leader in the assessment of environmental exposure to allergens, offering the world’s largest range of purified allergens and antibodies.
  • Isoquimen, SL
  • J Rettenmaier & Soehne GmbH + Co. KG
    Lab animal diets, custom diets, bedding, enrichment and hygiene products.
  • K.O.B. Associates, Inc.
  • Lampire Biological Laboratories
  • Maine Biotechnology Services, Inc.
  • Marshall BioResources
    Our mission is to be the premier source of purpose bred animals and related services for the development of human and animal pharmaceuticals and other therapies.
  • Nucro-Technics
    Since 1970, Nucro-Technics has provided quality services to the pharmaceutical and biotech sectors in the areas of:GLP pre-clinical toxicology,Genetic toxicology and Bioanalysis
  • OVIS
  • Ozgene, Pty. Ltd.
  • Pacific Immunology Corp.
  • Paracelsis Ltd
    Preclinical/nonclinical CRO offering pharmacokinetic and tolerability studies especially suited to companies developing reformulated pharmaceutical products and products given by alternate routes
  • Ridglan Farms, Inc.
  • RISystem AG
    N°1 Worldwide provider of implant systems and technology for research. Consulting and development services of customised research implant systems.
  • SAFE Complete Care Competence
    Lab animal diets, custom diets, bedding, enrichment and hygiene products.
  • SAI Infusion Technologies
    SAI provides the products and training necessary to perform virtually every infusion and sampling procedure utilized in Preclinical R&D. Products include: catheters, pumps, harnesses, swivels and more
  • Seguridad y Bienestar Animal SL
    GLP accredited CRO performing Safety and Efficacy studies for the pharmaceutical and agri-food industries in farm animals (horses, sheep, goats, calves, cows, pigs, guinea pigs, rabbits and poultry).
  • Sierra For Medical Science, Inc.
  • Sinclair Bio Resources LLC
  • Sino Biological US Inc.
    Sino Biological provides superior-quality biological reagents and CRO services, with over 10 years' experience in recombinant protein production, antibody development and biopharmaceutical services.
  • SNBL USA, Ltd.
  • Spring Valley Laboratories, Inc.
    SVL specializes in the conduct of GLP safety and efficacy studies, polyclonal antibody production, animal blood and tissue products and the sale of sheep and goat research models.
  • Surrey Diagnostics Limited
    Surrey Diagnostics: Est in 1996 we have a wealth of experience in lab animal science, serology, microbiology, PCR, parasitology and pathology as well as environmental solutions..
  • Taconic Biosciences
    Taconic Biosciences is a provider of genetically engineered rodent models and services. Taconic helps clients acquire, generate, breed, precondition, test, and distribute relevant research models.
  • The Mannheimer Foundation, Inc.
    Source of Cynomolgus macaques, Rhesus macaques and Hamadryas baboons.Research support activitiesEducation opportunities for vet students and post-grads
  • Theseus Professional Services, LLC
  • TOPAZ Technologies
    TOPAZ Technologies, LLC provides animal and clinical research software solutions for the medical research industry.TOPAZ is an established leader in software for complex regulatory environments.
  • UC Davis Mouse Biology Program
    CRISPR/Cas9, ES cloning, genetic analysis, genotyping microinject, colony mgmt, ART, cryo, behavior, metabolic, path phenotyping/microimaging, arch/distrib ES cells, embryos, sperm & live mice
  • Vium
    Vium's Smart Housing system provides an advanced animal housing rack that records 24/7 HD video of subjects as well as automated, non-invasive physiological metrics of motion and breathing rate.