• Aquabiotech Inc.
    Aquabiolab designs and manufactures high quality fully recirculating life support sysems designted for research with small-bodied marine life in a totally controlled environment.
  • Avid Identification Systems, Inc.
    Increase efficiency and productivity with Avid Identification Systems, Inc. Safe, accurate solutions for the collection and management of experimental data. 15ga NOW Available!
  • Avidity Science
  • Avidity Science, LLC
    Avidity Science offers a comprehensive range of products including Edstrom automated animal watering, water purification and treatment, and Watchdog EX environmental control and monitoring.
  • Avidity Science Europe
    Specialising in automatic watering systems, air flow cabinets, autoclaves and equipment for the transgenic areas such as incubators and LN2. Experienced project/service engineers.
  • Emka Technologies, Inc.
  • GPJ Consulting Engineers, Ltd.
  • Omikron Systems
    Omikron Systems is the innovation leader in animal facility management software with the product LAVAN. LAVAN improves the efficient management of facilities and animal welfare alike.
  • Rees Scientific Corp.
  • Samba Sensors, AB
  • Sensaphone, Inc.
  • TOPAZ Technologies
    TOPAZ Technologies, LLC provides animal and clinical research software solutions for the medical research industry.TOPAZ is an established leader in software for complex regulatory environments.
  • Turner Scientific
    Noise and Vibration Services for the Research Animal Facility