Carbon dioxide chambers


  • Able Scientific
  • Acinterlab
    Laboratory Equipment and Supplies’ - Laboratory Animal Equipment
  • Advanced Anaesthesia Specialists
    Anesteo solutions safeguard your well being and that of the animal. Operational costs drastically reduced. 10 times less carrier gas and halogens used for top quality and secured anesthesia.
  • Animal Care Systems Inc.
    Animal Care Systems, in partnership with ARES Distribution, specializes in providing the highest quality laboratory and vivarium equipment and housing for all your research applications.
  • Animal Identification & Marking Systems (AIMS), Inc.
  • Aston Pharma
  • Barré s.a.
    Anesthesia devices for small animals (patented)Customized solutions for pharmaceutical R&D laboratories Clean piping for Bio/Pharma Production Units
  • Bioseb
  • Braintree Scientific, Inc.
    Lab Research Products for the Life Science Industry
  • CARFIL QUALITY - your total supplier for all laboratory needs
    Diets, bedding , enrichment, spf nzw rabbits, aachener mini pigs, used equipment, detergents, anaesthesia, identification, disinfection H2O2, transport gels. Big equipment on request.
  • Charles River Laboratories Italia, SRL
  • Euthanex Corp. d.b.a. E-Z Systems
  • FLORES VALLES hoods division
    Laboratory equipment. Grossing Workstation and Laboratory Fume Hood manufacturer.
  • Genestil
  • Harvard Apparatus, Inc.
  • Harvard Apparatus Ltd
  • Kent Scientific Corp.
    We provide innovative solutions for pre-clinical researchers: integrated noninvasive blood pressure, physiological monitoring and anesthesia systems enable researchers to achieve more reliable results
  • Labodia A.G.
    A Swiss company, since 1988. Consulting, Defining and Refining the best Solutions for Husbandry, Housing and Transport. A cost saving & unique solution is available wherever you are globally.
  • LEEC Limited
  • Life science equipment
    We buy and sell new, second hand and refurbished equipment for the life science equipment. Mainly equipment that is can be used in Europe regarding the European regulation.
  • OPend
  • Orchid Scientific and Innovative India Pvt Ltd
    Leading Manufacturer & Exporter of IVC & Conventional Cages and Equipment's•Instruments for Pr-Clinical Research•Rodent Anesthesia System•Instruments for Pharmaceutics, Physiology and Chromatography
  • Plas-Labs, Inc.
  • Plexx, BV
  • Rothacher-Medical GmbH
    Manufacturer of anesthesia machines for research and veterinary use Accessories for anesthesia in rodents
  • Scivena Scientific, LLC
    VETERINARY ANESTHESIA INNOVATIONS FOR THE LIFE SCIENCES Design and manufacture of veterinary oxygen concentrators and rodent inhalant anesthesia machines with quality and safety as our top priorities.
  • SOMNI Scientific
    SOMNI Scientific is centered on the animal welfare and research community with a focus on clinical accuracy, clinician/technician safety, economic performance and intuitive functionality.
    Manufacturer of hatches, decontamination chambers, pass boxes, gas-tight bioseal doors, air showers, laminar flows, clean rooms.
  • Stoelting Co.
    Stoelting has a strong commitment to support scientific research by offering only high-quality, reliable instruments for all your research needs.
  • Suburban Surgical Co., Inc.
  • TBJ, Inc.
  • TSE Systems, Inc.
    TSE Systems has over 130 years of expertise in developing and manufacturing sophisticated life science research equipment in the fields of Metabolism, Behavior, Physiology, Inhalation and Telemetry.
  • TSE Systems GmbH
    TSE Systems has over 130 years of expertise in developing and manufacturing sophisticated life science research equipment in the fields of Metabolism, Behavior, Physiology, Inhalation and Telemetry.
  • Uno Roestvaststaal, BV
  • Vet-Tech Solutions, Ltd.
  • VetEquip, Inc.
    The largest assortment of Inhalation Anesthesia Systems are available from VetEquip. From O2 concentrators to pollution control, use our 30 years of experience and knowledge for your lab.
    Vishnu Traders is a 40 years old ISO certified company engaged in manufacturing of various Experimental laboratory Animal house cages & Equipments & your one stop for all your Animal House needs.