• Acinterlab
    Laboratory Equipment and Supplies’ - Laboratory Animal Equipment
    Recommandations in products, materials, equipments and service prestations for research and teaching
    Anesteo solutions safeguard your well being and that of the animal. Operational costs drastically reduced. 10 times less carrier gas and halogens used for top quality and secured anesthesia.
  • Barré s.a.
    Anesthesia devices for small animals (patented)Customized solutions for pharmaceutical R&D laboratories Clean piping for Bio/Pharma Production Units
  • CRABCC Animal Lab
    The CRABCC Animal Lab is a pre-clinical research center, Experimental Surgical Services (ESS) is dedicated to advancing medical technology through translational research.
  • Diamondback Drugs
    A full service pharmacy with Pentobarbital Sodium 50mg/ml Injection and Ketamine 100mg/ml & 200mg/ml Injections. We can also assist in clinical trials; consider us when developing your next project.
  • Fidelis Pharmaceuticals
    Fidelis Pharmaceuticals is committed to the research and development of trusted, extended release, long-acting pain management products for laboratory animals.
  • Harvard Apparatus Ltd
  • iBoneLab SL
    Experts in hard tissue and biomaterials evaluation. Preclinical Surgical models, Exact thin section and paraffin histology, microtomography and analysis
  • JD Medical Distributing Co., Inc.
    JD Medical has 40 years of experience in designing and manufacturing anesthesia machines for all animals. We also provide medical gas equipment and installation and can custom develop equipment.
  • KF Technology srl
  • LaborialVET - Laboratory Animal Science Solutions
    LaborialVET is a solution from Laborial group, developed in order to address a specific market segment, focusing on providing targeted solutions for animal facilities.
    LABPRO™ is a leading distributor of life science research equipment's based in India. We specialize in behavioral research products and other instruments used in pre-clinical studies.
  • Med-Vet International
  • Orchid Scientific and Innovative India Pvt Ltd
    Leading Manufacturer & Exporter of IVC & Conventional Cages and Equipment's•Instruments for Pr-Clinical Research•Rodent Anesthesia System•Instruments for Pharmaceutics, Physiology and Chromatography
  • Science Equip Ltd
    BRAND NAME CONSUMABLES, VETERINARY MEDICINES & CAPITAL EQUIPMENT. Experienced suppliers of both everyday and hard-to-get items to LAS units, research centres and medical clinics.
  • Shift Labs
    We create robust medical devices at a low cost for both the veterinary and medical fields
  • SOMNI Scientific
    SOMNI Scientific is centered on the animal welfare and research community with a focus on clinical accuracy, clinician/technician safety, economic performance and intuitive functionality.
  • Stoelting Co.
    Stoelting has a strong commitment to support scientific research by offering only high-quality, reliable instruments for all your research needs.
  • Ugo Basile, SRL
  • Uno Roestvaststaal, BV
  • Viking Medical, LLC
    Specializing in small animal anesthesia and anesthesia services. Manufactures the Sani-Mister Misting tunnel. Refurbished caging.